The Forever Lie

by All Else Fails

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released December 17, 2016

Produced by Barrett Klesko
Engineered by Alex Wilkinson
Mixed and Mastered by Taylor Gee
Artwork by Simon Clark
Lyrics by Barrett Klesko



all rights reserved


All Else Fails Edmonton, Alberta

Don’t let this one slip past your radar. “ –

“A Monster of a Metal Opus” – The Edmonton Journal

“All Else Fails have delivered us a brilliant new album” – Confront Magazine

"The epic twelve track album [The Oracle] explores their most extraordinary sound to date." –

“Obsidian Walls” is a colossal song”– Planet Mosh
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Track Name: 01. Beneath the Waves
“Beneath the Waves”
Once, I think I half remembered,
Ere the grey skies of November.
The cliff walls climb above the rising tide,
The sea, softly glowing embers.
So burn, burn for me father.
Burn in your tower above,
Gilded by the blood of your long faithless sons.
(Lost to the deep)

She’s a hurricane
As the waves all roll me over,
Like a weight that I just can’t get off my chest.
Under the water where the darkness hides the days,
Beneath the surface,
Beneath the Waves

There is snow on the ground,
And the valleys are cold,
And a midnight profound,
Blackly squats o’er the world.
But a light on the hill,
Half seen,
hints at feasts,
Unhallowed and old.

There is death in the clouds.
There is fear in the night
For the dead in their shrouds.

Track Name: 02. The Sons of Plenty
“The Sons of plenty”
This is not about the distance,
This is not about the time inside.
This is all about resistance.
In the end it’s tyrannicide.

The entire country standing on the brink of extinction,
Drugged in a stupor by a state prescription.
Truth or lie, there is no distinction,
Model inmates in a planetary prison.

They’ll bring their tanks,
They’ll bring their fucking tear gas.
They’ll bring their hate,
They’ll bring us a fucking reason.
For this loss is worth more than your bloody fucking war.

So step right into the fray,
Knee deep in the blood of the fallen.
Fight to the end of the earth.
A new day dawns on the day of redemption.

Live the flame,
And as one we are reborn.
And in these eyes, your life will not be mourned.

Mourn for the love, for the loss, for the pain.
Mourn for the days that we lived without hate.
Mourn for the lives we are not meant to live,
Mourn for the gift we’re forbidden to give.

There’s no authority in this world bound in chains
That could keep me locked up,
That could keep me away


Track Name: 03. The Forever Lie
“The Forever Lie”
Run in circles,
Frightened in the dark.
Believe in nothing,
You’ll never be a part of
The privileged, the sheltered,
Controlling all we do.
Safe behind the curtains,
The chosen are the few.

One will fall and another will take his place,
This endless cycle of greed and disgrace.
The wheels of progress have ground to a halt,
But fuck our future, there’s cash in the vault.

Cash in the fuckin vault.

Enslave me for all I’ve become.
Release me from all that I’ve done.

We are crushed beneath the sins of our past.
This disposable culture was not built to last.
We are left behind,
We are out time,
We are living the forever lie.

Track Name: 04. Twice Broken
“Twice Broken”
There isn’t much between this life and what is next,
So look into the abyss and you’ll see what is left.
For us now.
So hide behind your ignorance and hide behind your hate.
There’s so little time for disillusion in this race.
So we all waste away these days wanting more,
But we’re so wrapped up in this angst that we adore.
There she goes down again,
One last look before the end.

So we lie here in the sand,
Crushed by the weight of what we don’t understand.
Time moves along, it seems, without an end.
So we hide away like lost and broken men,

So we look to the future,
We look to the dawn.
Damaged and broken,
This path we’re all on
Crumbling beneath our most tentative step.
As the ground fall away,
We’re caught in this web of death and deception.
We’re shamed and alone
Burdened by falsehood,
The coin and the throne.
Betrayal conceived in lies and deceit.
We’re left in the streets.

Empty wallets and broken fucking homes,
Our cries lost in the din of suburban drone.
Let your anger loose in the night.
Broken bodies,
Broken bones all out of sight.
So we look to the man on the hill,
To save us from ourselves,
Save us from the kill.
We wear our ignorance like pride on our sleeves,
Hide behind the bullshit,
As stupid as we please.

Track Name: 05. Bones
“The Flesh from our Bones”
The hollow black-hearted have nothing to say,
Nothing of value and nothing to trade.
The pillars are broken, the structures unsafe,
The temple is falling and none will be saved.

So weep for a future undone in the past,
Weep for a species that could never last.
The folly of man masquerading as light,
Shines on us all; lost souls in the night.

So Wait
Wait for the rain
To come washing down and save us all.
Let it burn
The hate from our hearts as the flesh from our Bones.

(Bones) in pine boxes push up through the earth,
Digging and clawing and fighting in birth.
As restless in death as we were in our skins,
scratching at bedrock, but still we dig in.

There’s no way we burn,
There’s no way we’ll learn.


(Bones) cry out for compensation,
Wasted on this flawed foundation
Do you remember before it began?

First there was nothing and then there was man.
So then we took our first steps in the light,
Forever tainted before we could fly.
Everything I fear is so far away,
Smashed into pieces till nothing remains.
Here we all stand at the brink of our lives,
Forever haunted behind these dead eyes.

There’s no light,
Only life.


(Bones) cry out for compensation,
Wasted on this flawed foundation.
Broken minds without a reason,
Nothing left but death or treason now.
Track Name: 06. Terracide
And thus we failed
As the river ran dry.
Plains now devoid of all life.
This garden bleeds and decays,
And the wind cried sorrow.
And with a haunted scream,
The wheels of progress grind to a halt,
Like the bones in the dust of the wasteland.

And in our minds,
We are together,
For all time.
And in our lives,
We are forever,
For all time.

So save us.
So save us from ourselves.
Betray us as we suffer,
And destroy ourselves.
So we face oblivion with apathy,
Bolstered by the feelings of disdain that we’re all born with.
That we are the top everything that was,
Evolution peaks with us.
But we are nothing,
But we are nothing without the ground beneath our feet now.
The ground beneath us all.

And in the aftermath,
As the days turn into months,
The ground begins to swell.
Pregnant with the first signs of the new age upon us.
As life begins again.
And we were nothing
(we were nothing)
Without the earth to give us life now.


Soon we’ll be lost without our home.

So let’s save it for another night,
The story of our past.
It seems now it was a different life,
The promise of a future was a lie.